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My full name is Muhammad Yeasir but as a writer I am well-known as Yeasir Ahmed Milan.

I am a Phonetainer as I train Phonetics with Entertainment. I gained a decade long experience of teaching English language to some thousands of learners nationwide. I vision to be up-to-date with new trends of teaching English language by using creative, communicative and tasks-based techniques inside my classes. I got many scopes to work with a visionary team and now I am interested in experimenting ideas with others. I always expect professional development through researching on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. I would like to train my learners the British and American accents as I have the expertise in this field. I am a world famous online English teacher and so I am connected to the whole world 24/7. I have i-tech and e-tech expertise and hence I love surfing the web, and attending and conducting webinars. Overall, I am a well-organized, conscientious in materials development as I have real life experience of working with different educational institutions.

My Work Experiences:

1. I am currently working as an Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Media, Communications, and Journalism at State University of Bangladesh.

2. I am an English language trainer of Bangladesh Army specially Army Aviation Unit.

3. I am a well-acclaimed English language trainer of Bangladesh Police and BGB. I train the Police and Army Officers English Accent and Speaking as they need speaking skill to work for UN Mission.

4. I am a BBC Accent Trainer for the News Presenters and Reporters of different TV Channels and Radio Stations. I have been doing this for about a decade.

5. I am a Teachers’ Trainer of some famous schools, colleges and universities.

6. I worked as a guest lecturer in Dhaka City College during the period of 2006.

7. I worked as a Chief English Language Trainer in Future Education Ltd. during the period of 2009 to 2012.

8. I conduct workshops in the Business Studies Faculty, Arts Faculty of different Universities.

9. I trained about a hundred Govt. officials of Prime Minister’s Office.

10. I am a guest speaker of BCS Administration Academy, Shahbag, where I train English language to the Executive Magistrates, RAB, POLICE and other Cadres of Bangladesh Government.

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